Sustainability and eco-consciousness is not an afterthought at Nurai Island it’s part of who we are, embedded into event element from our design, architecture and plantlife to our choice of power sources, packaging as well as our company ethos (our staff are also proud to say they’re plastic-free!).

AC: all air conditioning systems are energy efficient, we use Daikin VRV systems that are not harmful to the ozone layer

Heating: Instead of direct heating we use element-based heaters in our pools as well as a heat pump method for temperature control

All of our diesel generators are efficient electronic fuel injection type, which makes diesel consumption proportionate to the load/weather

We overhaul and reuse the marine engines for many lifetimes over instead of discarding.

We are in the process of changing the lighting into LED, as of now less than only 5% are filament bulbs; rest is comprised of Halogen lights.

All our hot water pipes are thermal insulated PPR pipes.

We have a project starting to maintain the beach erosion in a sustainable way, using sand pumps and environmental friendly geo bag barriers.

We use a Solar cell system in the resort with which generates 35% of the electricity on the island

The whole irrigation water is treated through STP ( Sewage treatment plant) (disposed water used for irrigation)

Due to the sustainable design of all the buildings, resort saves 30% on the electricity consumption

All of the villas use isolated double glass, which increase the cooling and heating efficiency and decreasing electricity consumption

We use Club electric cars to minimise CO2 emissions

40% of the furniture in public areas is made of recyclable materials (wood)

We use innovative clean food waste technology (ORCA system) due to which we are producing 0% of wet garbage, thus decreasing emission of harmful gases and the usage of pesticides on the island

Have a special nursing area where we grow the plants

We have specially dedicated empty beach for turtle nesting

Increasing concerns about the impact of chemical paints on health and the environment have led us to use non-toxic paint