We set the bar when it comes to celebrating in style, and we know how to adapt. Whether you’re keen to keep it intimate, chic and low key or getting ready to show your entourage the party of the decade, we have you covered.  

There’s no birthday like a beach-side birthday. Brunch in style with a table of your favourite faces at Frangipani, sip a bottle of bubbly with your loved one and lounge by your own private pool during an overnight stay or take over Smokin’ Pineapple and through your own mini fiesta. Kids come into their own here with our new waterpark and endless land and water activities to pick from. The limits are your imagination.
Let your love shine by the shore. For couples marking their special day, we deliver smiles and craft memories to cherish. Speak to our concierge or team ahead of your stay to discover how we can transform villa rooms into realms of romance or craft an intimate shoreside dinner for two complete with open-air fire and profound privacy. We add definitive details to your dining set up and remain on hand to transform any Nurai Island stay into an enduring love legacy for you.
There’s always a reason to celebrate these days which is why we are ready with an armoury of accessories to make your special occasion as unique as you are. From our open-air cinema set up to our fishing boats ready for that long overdue family excursion, and in-house DJs famed for their electric sets that keep spirits high as you mark your engagement, you suggest the tone and we transform the event.